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Please note that we ONLY need your tech lead / senior coders / senior engineers or anyone with adequate technical know-how to fill these. Please also attach your resume/company profile to Google Drive* and send it to
If you are in Hardware, which is your best? (choose one)
For your coding, do you use...
If you are into Software, which is your specialty? (Choose one)
Note : * - How to attach file to Google Drive?

You can write your recipe in MS Words or MS Powerpoint or anything, just convert it into .PDF format.


1.  login to your GMAIL and upload it to Google Drive,

2.  right click to that .PDF & image file, click to 'Get Shareable Link,

3.  Turn on 'Share link Off'

4.  Click to 'Sharing setting'

5.  set the 'anyone with link can view' to 'Only Specific can access

6.  At the bottom field under 'People', key in

7.  Click send

Thanks for submitting!

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