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Behavioral Web Design

Behavioral Concept in Web Design

This course will cover on the designing concepts that pays a closer attention to behavioural psychology. We will explain why some websites became so popular and why some despite so much effort on its design, never seems to quite take off. What was the secret? Join us to find out.

Behavioral Concept in Web Design
Behavioral Concept in Web Design

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Behavioral Web Design

About the Event

Often when we look at a nicely done website or mobile app and then check its traffic trend with Google Analytics, we might be surprise it is on a declining trend. Why? on the other extreme, you might see a website or mobile app that, well ranges between being awefully functional to atrociously bland and somewhat blank, their traffic trend goes exponentially high. Why? 

How this happens was because of the User Experience (UX) and how the application gives the users positive and lasting impression that impacts them personally. 

Now in this course, we will reveal to you having an awesome User Interface (UI) is pre-requisite, but will not guarantee a lasting impression, and how you can improve on it.


  • Journey to Deep Design

    This ticket includes a 3 day course, complete with syllabus handouts for students.

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    +RM 32.50 service fee


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David Chan

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